An open letter to My “little one”

Hello nichole, Even here in the virtuality of Our Second Lives there are some people you just feel as though you’ve known them forever. Or, perhaps, moments make you feel that connection which makes you think you have. Every time I spend an evening with you nichole I enjoy one of those moments and the... Continue Reading →


Talk Dirty To Me: Miss Kianna

This is known as Shameless Self-Promotion and a revisit to the delicious Sugar Vegas’ interview with Yours-Truly. If you take the time to visit, I truly hope you enjoy !! 🙂

The Wicked Nights of Sugar Vegas

The other week I have the pleasure to talk to the gorgeous Miss Kianna Lifestyle. She is one of the fiercest Dommes i know (her blog is a MUST-read) – all I can think about when She enters a room is sex sex and well sex. When She agreed to do this interview i almost creamed. It’s an honor to be allowed to pick Her brain and ask Her all those things i probably would not dare ask anyone else about Her chosen lifestyle and views on BDSM in general. I decided a desert island would be an appropriate place to meet, so as you can see from the photo below we flew in gracefully. She sat on Her guilded throne while I took notes on my knees of course. To set the mood I put on a some music of her choice: Enigma: “Principles of Lust”. And She talked to…

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I am Mine !

Dear Faithful Follower, In just over a month I will have known My "little one", nichole maurer, a full year. If you've been following Me with any consistency then you'll know that My blog-posts since nichole came into My Second-Life have been inspired and centered around Our D/s relationship and My impressions of Our shared... Continue Reading →

My Perfect Girl

*Photography by: Nichole Maurer - My "little one"* Being Canadian, I'm a HUGE fan of Sarah McLachlan, I basically grew up listening to her. Her lyrics are so poignant and the song "Perfect Girl" is a prime example ... "Am I faithful, am I strong, am I good enough to belong in your reverie, a... Continue Reading →

Sensational Emotions

To Me BDSM is just an awareness of something that's perfectly natural. It's a more detailed understanding of the dynamics of power in life. It also comes with a vocabulary to define and negotiate your hearts desires. 😉 I've come to the realization that I would not be able to get along with someone who... Continue Reading →

Fuck Normal !

Here, writing My blog, I am free to speak on unacceptable subjects to people who are interested in what I have to say. I enjoy expressing My thoughts and feelings to people who actually want to hear what I have to say as well as what I know. My faithful follower, just pause and think... Continue Reading →

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